We landed in Athens around midday. Lots of cute idyllic lanes with little houses amidst parks holding ancient ruins. Like Rome that way except here almost all is tagged by graffiti.

Found this place for lunch off main path -we had just given up finding a restaurant when I spotted it. It looked dead but tried it anyway. ‘Upstairs’ they pointed and as we climbed we heard the buzz of a crowd -locals! We won.

As we ate our halloumi it struck me that the Mediterranean diet makes you live longer not because it’s so much healthier but because it keeps you holding on for the next meal.

Walked up through the parks in the evening. Olive trees, musicians, and cats (they must have moved down from Rome).

Found a less touristy part of town for dinner and chose a spot on a lane great for people watching. The highlight was the yogurt and honey -amazing.

But then we wandered just a few more blocks and found all the locals and buzz. Ah well, now we know for tomorrow.

Here is the view from our roof.

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