Rome day 2

An early start for real this time, walking to gladiator school & museum where Gus spent the morning learning to fight. He had a fantastic teacher who wove in history and martial arts and jokes throughout.

The plan was then to rent bikes but we ended up just walking them for over a mile on a narrow road filled with speeding cars and trucks (they told us the non-traffic part was much closer than it was “oh, it’s Wednesday, yes it’s much crazier on Wednesdays”). It was terrifying.

So we hopped a bus and headed to the old Jewish Ghetto where we had a great kosher lunch and walked along the Tiber.

We got to the Colosseum towards the end of the day (no lines!) and loved it. Especially after all of the training in the morning. We had downloaded an audio tour so that was a nice addition. We learned that fighters used to dip their swords in horse manure (to cause infections in the wound) or run them with garlic (to speed up bleeding). And that when a rich lady gave a flower to a gladiator he was expected to entertain her. Think gladiolas.

The only thing missing was all the cats we saw on the last trip. No kitties to be seen this time.

For dinner we headed to the Monti neighborhood to a place our Airbnb host said had the best All’Amatriciana pasta in Rome. It was aqui dance worthy. We got in early and by the time the bread arrived on the table, there was a line outside. (Insert name here)

Don’t think it evens out but thank goodness for all the walking.

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