Rome day 1

We have a place near Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore which is about 15 minutes to Colosseum and about 30 to the Spanish steps. We got in around 9pm the first night but not too late for dinner at a local place that turned out to be amazing (Ristorante Pizzeria da Michele since 1976).

We were so happy we did the aqui dance.

The next day we got up bright and early and hit the town by 11am walking towards the Spanish steps but stopping along the way to look in shops, take pictures and check out castles.

It was pouring rain and men kept trying to sell us umbrellas for 5 euros.

We found another good place near the steps for lunch and then decided to reenact Roman Holiday with a gelato, a flower from the stand near the steps and a hair cut.

Ok, maybe just the gelato.

More wandering down lanes until we ran into the Trevi fountain where we all threw in coins and made plans to return. Gus is planning on renting a Vespa on that trip.

Another neighborhood restaurant turned out to be amazing as well. This one had only been open since 1950 so what can you expect (to dig up receipt and add name here)

Artichokes are in season!

(To add all the pictures when we get to computer!)

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