Last Day of Kindergarden

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 11.56.52 AMWhat a school year. In the past 6 months Gus has:

  • Learned to read
  • Learned to write
  • Learned to add & subtract
  • Traveled to Australia
  • Lost 4 teeth
  • Made new friends
  • Made two speeches (“Top 3 Things That Make a Great Birthday Party” and “Otters”)
  • Danced in two ballets (Nutcracker and Big Bad Surprise)
  • And did two big reports (Pumpkin Scones and Otters & Kelp)

And before I forget it, I wanted to write down our general routine this year:

  • Wake at 6:20 (snuggle for 10 minutes while we hit snooze)
  • Eat muesli (whilst Charles makes coffee), get dressed/brush teeth/ brush hair, feed feral cats for .25ยข and walk one block to school by 7:30a (usually running because we’re late)
  • Eat hot lunch on vegetarian days or peanut butter sandwich otherwise
  • Get out of school at 2:15p
  • Monday afternoons go for hike with Catlin & Eddie
  • Tuesday afternoons go to ballet class, do homework at Dog River, go to Rugby (homework = 15 minutes of math per week + at least 20 minutes Gus reading each day )
  • Thursday mornings get up at 5:45a and go to Toastmasters before school
  • Eat dinner at 6pm and in bed by 7pm (read to Gus for 15 – 20 mins)
  • Saturday mornings wake up and play Lego for hours

Tomorrow starts our first day of summer and he’s not allowed to get out of bed until 10am.



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