Gus & Mom Spring Break 2014

We had plans to all jump in the RV and head up North. But then, after our schedules were cleared, we thought that it would be a great time for Charles to stay at home and finish the app. So Gus and I chained him to the computer and headed south.


Day 1:
Breakfast with Casey, first karate class with Gonzo and dinner with the cousins



Day 2:
Slappy Cakes with Lisa & Henry, a visit to Maribell’s new food cart (, and dinner with Amanda, Leigh & Maddy




Day 3:
Quick cuddle of Ted & Ann’s new baby, lunch and playground tag with cousin Jake, then dinner and dice games with the Kjar/Reeves and Bev!

photo 1 photo 220140328-094152.jpg


Day 4:
A morning of racehorse rummy with Grant and Tammy, gym in the afternoon for the boys, and dinner back at Casey & Shalen’s. and we get to dog sit Georgie!



Day 5:
Coffee with Leslie & Shalen, Powell’s, and back to Hood River for a swim and dinner with Grantie. Drove right by our house to park outside at the orchard -not going home til the app is done : )


2 thoughts on “Gus & Mom Spring Break 2014

  1. Well? Is the app done or are you still camping by the orchard?

    Love that you two had such a good trip and checking in with friends. Will catch you as catch can. Kaia’s birthday?

  2. Yes! Charles officially finished the hand-off part of the app and now it’s up to me to get all the info into it and kick it out the door!

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