Silicon Valley

It’s changed a bit since I’ve was here last. There are more places to walk about, downtowns that have been revitalized. A big part of what we’re doing is finding the cute parts of towns – the places where people can walk a bit and relax. So it’s nice to find a few down here. Nice to find thing changing in that direction.

The first two nights we stayed in an RV park just outside of Saratoga that was nestled in a wooded valley without cell coverage and was very cold in the mornings. Our first taste of fall. Brrr.

We’re starting to wear down a tad -for example, Gus has started jumping in front of things I need to take pictures of or will randomly lay down in the middle of the sidewalk. While Charles and I just feel like doing that.


  • A couple of great parks
  • A couple of great book stores
  • Flagship Apple store in Palo Alto
  • Misc mucking around
  • Looks like we didn’t get Gus’ cold (woo hoo!)


  • Handle of poo tank broke off
  • Missed meeting an old friend Whitney by a day
  • Somehow finding ourselves on the 101 on Thurdsay at 5:20pm

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