Our last bit of Southern California included a few Orange County interior towns (Orange, Santa Anna, Irvine) and the Beach Cities (San Clemente, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach)

We’ve been really pushing through each day -hitting the ground running -and by yesterday (Sunday) we were a bit over it all. So we took it slower and had more of a leisurely time in San Clemente. Which we loved. Great downtown area leading to a beach and pier. Gus (aka Capt. Zade) has suddenly fixated on pirates so we found him a cool book and then later in the day we happened upon an actual wooden pirate ship in Dana Point bay. Charles told him the reason it was empty was because all the pirates were at the pub drinking grog. It took him a full hour to get to sleep at night.

It was a cool camp ground too. San Clemente State Park. Our site looked over the beach in the morning and we couldn’t understand why this beautiful area wasn’t more popular. Until Charles found out that we were also perched overlooking a nuclear plant.

Anyway, it was a great little break before we headed inland again.


  • Driving by Occupy Irvine
  • Chocolate covered bananas in Laguna Beach


  • Parts of towns that had more money than soul

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