The Inner Empire

Had our first boondogging experience – the practice of staying in the parking lots of certain chain stores for free. Walmart is well known for this nationally but do not allow it in this area. Camping World, however, was all for it. So we pulled into their back lot and then went shopping as a thanks.

The rest of the time, though, we’ve had to do rv parks every night. It’s a bit spendy (from $40 – $70 per night) but at least we’ve had pools every night. Which is great because its been hot.


  • Temecula Old Town -could have been corny but was cool instead
  • Meeting a grandpa in the park in Riverside and sharing tips on our 3 year olds
  • Gus’ first (last?) tour of the back of a police car in Fullerton
  • Free fireworks show at the Anaheim rv park (thanks to neighboring Disneyland)
  • Cool rv cleaning docks!


  • Drivers that don’t let you in as they pass on the right (despite 3 empty lanes on the left)
  • Trying to figure out which places in the area have an actual downtown or community center vs strip malls and box stores -very hard to tell from the map- and realizing how few places do

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