Beaches Above San Diego

We spent a couple of days moving up the coast from San Diego before we cut inland.

One thing we’re starting to realize is that weekends can get busy and we may want to make reservations. And that our cool little Dolphin may appear to some as, well, less than desirable (Is it the shag carpet? The fake wood paneling?…)

I mentioned before that an rv park turned us away because they only take 95′ and above. And on another night all the rv parks were full so we found a place in a neighborhood. We looked up the towns’ parking policy to make sure it was legal and were careful to not park in front of any houses but after about an hour the police knocked on the door and asked us to move because someone had complained. They were very nice and told us about an area next to the harbor so it turned out good. But we had to wake up Gus and it kinda bummed me out that it would bother someone. Did we scare them? Did they think we were riff raff? Worried we would never leave? Or were they just feeling territorial? Not sure.

But the towns along here were great otherwise -full of cute shops and town gathering spots and, of course, the beaches.


  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Buying a generator (no more scrambling to recharge phones and laptops!)


  • See above

One thought on “Beaches Above San Diego

  1. Maybe they thought you were homeless … oh, wait a minute …. they must not have known you were nomads.

    I think swimming in the ocean is the best so far!

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