4 Days in San Diego

We’ve taken our time here and have logged in a ton of places, which feels great. Starting to get a bit of a schedule down -street parking then rv parks every third day to fill up with water, electricity, etc.


  • Boky & Terese! We hadn’t seen them since just after our wedding 8 years ago.
  • Finally meeting Madge! I’ve seen pictures for 7 years so it was wonderful to meet her wonderfulness in person. She is in an arts school so we got to hear her play both violin and piano, watch her tap dance and see her read music notes for homework. Impressive.

(here we see the all American family -they even have a white picket fence)

  • Playing in La Jolla park with Gus while Charles’ coded at a cafe
  • San Diego Farmers Market with local organic avocados and oranges


  • Getting sick -all three of us
  • Getting refused entry to one of the local RV parks due to the ‘age’ of our vehicle
  • Losing an average of 90 minutes each day on discipline (essentially enforcing timeouts)
  • And there was a particularly low moment in the Chula Vista RV park when we realized this may not be the best way to go about things in the winter months. With a 3 year old cooped up inside while it rains. It’s hard to let go of a plan but we’ve come up with a new strategy (working from Mosier for the winter) that should be even better. Anyway, we still have over a month of towns to hit and info to gather

One thought on “4 Days in San Diego

  1. I like the new strategy. Maybe you can do some virtual traveling while staying in Mosier. The rain has just started. And I’m really enjoying it! Come home to the rain! It’s great!

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