Beaches Above LA

We made our way down the coast and got into a great groove with some kind of activity in the morning followed by a 2-3 hour drive and then finding a camp site and dinner.


  • Started running again
  • The rustic campground up a long gravel drive in the middle of nowhere
  • The overly developed RV park the next night with the hot tub and little squares of grass between concrete parking strips
  • Hearst Castle. Was skeptical at first but it turned out to be a very interesting tour since they had us imagine we were elite dinner guests and then walked us through the nights’ festivities.
  • Watching Gus’ imagination take off a bit (due to lack of toys perhaps)
  • Watching Gus’ face when we told him there was a baby in Larissa’s belly – you could just see the brain working and he was both fascinated and repelled. It took him a while to get up the courage to touch it. But then he seemed to get it. Well, almost. The next morning he walked around behind her and said, “I see the baby’s butt!”
  • Malibu. We stayed at a park on a cliff overlooking the ocean and went for dinner at a cool little place on the beach where I had a coconut drink out of a carved coconut


  • Having to go so fast through very cute towns that we’d love for the app
  • Discipline blues: Lots of not listening, tiredness and nos on our part
  • Saying goodbye to Larissa, Darren and Max

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