Big Sur Proper

We woke up in the morning on a cliff, in the middle of Big Sur and in the middle of fog. We knew there was a gorgeous view in there somewhere.

The first thing we did was head for an RV park to secure a place. The fog followed us all along the 30 minute drive but then just as we crested the hill, a mere mile away from our destination, the clouds parted and streams of sun floated down to the tune of harp music.

The RV park was on a little kid-friendly river (aside from the deep section where Max went in head first) and nestled into a grove of redwoods.

L&D watched Gus for a moment while Charles and I went to find a dump service and then we stopped for a quick coffee date. A coffee dump date.

Walky Talkys! When the cell coverage died, we had no way of contacting the other RV. Good thing we threw in these puppies that we got for our wedding all those years ago. Max and Gus were particularly enthusiastic -you could almost hear the truckers fleeing our channel

Catching up with Larissa!

Cool waterfalls walk

Finding freckles on Gus’ nose

Passing cousin Christina’s place knowing she was in Oregon at that very moment!

Having to work

No cell phone coverage – that plus the rough windy roads, plus only a few places to get gas made the whole area feel so remote and rugged. Which felt odd for California. And which really isn’t a low I suppose

Walking up some stairs and feeling wobbly legged – time to start running again

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