Pebble Beach/Carmel

Tuesday marked the first day of our week long trek down the coast with Larissa, Darren and little 20 month Max. They all flew in from Sydney and rented the smallest RV they could find, which was a full 5ft longer than ours. It made a big difference on the inside, I tell you. Much roomier and nicely laid out. It’s where we ended up having dinners together which wouldn’t have been possible in ours.

So on that first day we packed up our RV envy and headed toward Carmel via Pebble Beach where things got fancy real fast -starting with a $15 fee just to pass through the area.

Don’t get me wrong, it was super pretty with cute cove beaches, big homes and lots of well-placed groves of trees. But it was a bit too old-school money for my taste. Carmel especially depressed Charles with its Double-Bay-like atmosphere. But then, it could have also been that we had just discovered a new potential competitor for the app.


  • Playing with Gus and Max on the white sand of a little beach while Charles made us all coffees
  • While stopped to deposit $ at a bank, Max making a grand exit with a crisp, loud ‘bye bye’ and and accompanying dramatic ‘mwah’ kiss to the staff
  • After driving into the night in search of a particular, highly recommended campground (Limekiln park) only to find that it had closed at sundown then realizing we should have made reservations somewhere/anywhere and that we probably had to drive another hour to the next big RV park, we happened on a tiny campground only 5 minutes further, which, despite the sign that said they were full, happened to have one last spot that happened to be big enough to hold both RVs and also happened to be one of only 3 in the park that was flat. We spoke with the camp ranger the next morning who said it was the first cancellation they had had in two weeks.


  • Trying to drive a bit too far in one day
  • Finding a potential new competitor for the app

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