SF Friends


  • Plotting our first ventures in North Beach
  • Trieste coffee
  • Relaxing on a picnic blanket with Lotus at Deloris Park
  • Meeting up with Gavin, a friend from Sydney who happened to be in town
  • Lunch with Quinton & Alex in the Sunset
  • Sunshine! In the Bay Area! In summer!
  • Lynn at Farleys (who have a new seating area out front) -I got to hear all about her art and am so excited for what’s coming
  • Touring Lydia’s new college (Mills) -great room, great friends, great classes, and organic/local/healthy food in the cafeteria. Seriously tempted to stay and enroll
  • Coffee with Kent! and all his fabulous app advice


  • Getting used to coordinating parking, kid and dog (who generally doesn’t want to be away from me, even to let Charles walk him)
  • Forgetting to get picture of Kent because too busy talking
  • Too short of visits!

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