We hit SF on day 5 and stayed with my old roommate Robbie and fam -parked in their Marin driveway for 4 whole days. The fam includes hubby Phil, 9 year old Katherine and 7 year old Max. Oh, and mild mannered Calvin who calmly put up with George’s agro greeting of nipping him in the neck. (‘Oh good, Emily and her dumpy RV and mean little dog are here for a visit!’)

I wish everyone had the chance to stay at their house like we did -it was like Parenting Camp, I picked up all sorts of cool tips. Like, reuse cloth napkins with the help of individual napkin rings or discuss cool topics by reading the paper all together at breakfast. They set the table, made their own beds and were out the door on time without fail.

But one of the coolest things they do is tell your high & low of the day at dinner. We were particularly pleased that ‘our visitors’ made the high list each night and we joked that when it didn’t, we’d know it was time to go. We liked high/low so much that we stole it and used it with Larissa & Darren each day too. In fact, I’m going to use it here for a few posts:


  • Taking Katherine & Max to school, seeing their classrooms and sitting through their Joke Day asse mbly
  • Searching for new (7 & 9 year old appropriate) jokes for the next four days
  • Watching George mellow out around Calvin until they eventually snuggled together
  • Massive farmers market and yummy vegetarian food (since Phil is one of us)
  • Eating dessert every night
  • Having a glass of wine at the end of the night while the kids have their equivalent: TV
  • Group bedtime stories
  • Popping into the city to see friends during the day (using Robbie’s car!!)
  • Walking the dogs and kids to the park (slides, swings, bubbles)
  • Hearing about all the ins and outs of school
  • And just getting to hang out with the wonderful, beautiful and funny Robbie

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