Day 4: Lotso Driving

We woke up in a pristine RV park, soaked up all the electricity and wifi we could, then drove the Northern CA coast towards SF. Highlights include: trees, a particularly good natural foods coop, and a picnic lunch among a field of flowers.

Drawbacks include no water (due to leak), a sticky door, and growing dread that we may need a new clutch.

But the really interesting thing of the day was that we took a totally random exit from the fwy (when Gus woke up from nap), picked the nearest park, then drove past three empty fields before we chose a totally random parking spot next to a forth empty field, then -wait for it – a touch rugby team showed up and started playing right in front of us while we made and ate dinner. Charles made immediate new friends and got to talk with someone about the game he got up to watch in the middle of the night. What are the odds?

3 thoughts on “Day 4: Lotso Driving

  1. This all sounds like heaven. Hope you have a wonderful trip (how long are you on the road for?) and that the clutch holds out.

  2. Spot on Jake. You should take some pictures of your RV? Or maybe it’s better to remain anonymous so your fans don’t start hounding? I’d get the clutch fixed while you can plan and shop for a good deal. Ugh. Car repairs.

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