13 thoughts on “First movie in theater

  1. How fun! We tried to go to an animated film in Hamburg last month on a rainy day, but were told children have to be 4 years to go. Look forward to when Elizabeth can go to a movie. Pooh! is a great first film.

    Hope Gus & Jake enjoyed!

  2. You know you’re a mother when…. your first reaction to “fill him full of chocolate coloured raisins” is: “the first poo after that movie is going to be awful”. :-O

  3. Horns and a forked tail? No, actually…like a cross between Daniel Craig and Jeremy Irons. Sandy blonde hair and moderately good looks, rather spoiled by an infuriating smirk.

  4. I love it! We love picking on Jake around here. Have posted more photos since another friend told me he looked cute. (No, Jake, I’ll never tell who. Wouldn’t want you to get big headed)

  5. Jake said that Gus was mesmerized by Pooh and hardly moved through the movie. Successful Uncle Jake. And, really glad Gus loved it.

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