Houston is big and flat, taking 30 minutes minimum to drive anywhere we went. To Gus’ great delight, the MacDonalds have a video player in their car with videos of the Matthews (the other cousins) and Madagascar and Santa Clause 2 on continuous loop. Between that and the TV on the flights, Gus has seen 10x more TV in the past 4 days than in his whole life.

Only to return to cold turkey.

His naps, by the way, went from about an hour during out trip to 3.5 hours the first two days back.

But he still says things like “tomorrow we’ll go swimming at the MacDonald’s pool.”

Charles and I aren’t fairing nearly as well – grumbling as we fill up the hot water bottle and go to bed early for work tomorrow.

One thought on “Withdrawls

  1. My memory of Houston is that this is where I was stuck for the times that airlines were down afer 9/11. I was there to give a talk for Shell Oil’s diversity conference and the “event” occurred before I gave my talk. But I had to stay for five days in a fancy hotel because no airlines were flying and there was no way out of Houston otherwise. The hotel was where the elder Bushes lived while their house was being built at the time. For these reasons, Houston sticks in my memory vividly. Glad Gus and the parents had a much more memorable and fun time.

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