Drum class!

Dropped Gus off for his first half day at a daycare/preschool. About to go pick him up. Wonder how it went.

Update: When I showed up they were on the playground and he didn’t want to leave. They said he had a moment at the end of class when the drums got too loud but he got over it. (Two days later he brought up out of the blue that he got scared but didn’t call me. I asked if he tried to call me and he said no, that he decided not to.)  It didn’t hurt that he had his little friend Izzy in his class with him and that her older sister (Gus’ crush) Abby was there to play with him outside after lunch.

5 thoughts on “Drum class!

  1. So, I’m liking the new layout of 7000 days! Nice. I’m wondering when to start Javin in preschool…Gus is doing well with it?

  2. It was only the one day -a special drumming class they offered during Spring Break -but he loved it and he keeps talking about going to school. I should probably look at all the options in town and pick one to do one or two mornings a week.

  3. That’s what I was thinking. Very part time. I think the social part would be good. Either that or get my act together for more play dates. 🙂

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