Shamrock Run

Up this morning at 5am (4am really, since it’s the first morning of daylight savings) to meet Lena for our 8k. Lots of green in the crowd.

It’s not a huge run but it’s been super motivating to keep up my running schedule despite the snow and coughs.

It was certainly different running in a crowd. More energy and all sorts of gates to fall into pace with. I thought that the people passing me would be demotivating but it was the slow ones in front that got to me. Yes, breaking the momentum but more and more their backs were taunting me, saying “you could walk too. Common. Look at all the others doing it. Dooooo eet.”

In the end I stopped 3 times (once to get rid of all that water I drank just before the start).

Here are our before and afters. Lena looks great but I had to crop out my triple chin. What did vanity do before the photoshop app?

4 thoughts on “Shamrock Run

  1. Good job! It’s always good to have motivation and a partner to help with that! Isn’t it fun at the end when you can give yourself a little pat on the back for crossing that finish line. 🙂

  2. Wow – the before and after pictures look the same. Did you really run it?

    And tell me you were kidding about photoshopping out chins.

    I am proud of you two extreme athletes.

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