Lena Bday Camping Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend with the Ulvi/Hubbard clan.

It started with hanging out at their house in Friday night which included a tour of new beds (no more crib for Lainy and a bunk bed for Lila) and a session of dress up and dancing.

We had quieter Lila this trip due to recovering from a cold but Gus & Lainy made up the required rambunctious quotient.

The really cool thing was that it was Lena’s birthday on Saturday so we snuck in a morning run (for Lena and I) between her birthday phone calls. Somehow she talked me into signing up to run an 8k in mid-March. My knee waned on me around mile two so I have a bit of training to do.

Then we hit road and headed for a new State camp ground that Lena found on half way to the coast. Since we couldn’t check in until afternoon, we drove to a small town nearby and found a cool restaurant with amazingly good greek food and a bathroom that you could write on. Including a sneaky message from Kyle.

Because it was a new park, the cabins were brand new and very cute. Lena made a big fire and we kept ourselves warm in the winter night and managed a surprise party for Lena.

Finally, the next morning which (aside from parallel tantrums from Gus & Lainy) was lovely.

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