Taking advantage of winter break, Gus and I drove down to Eugene today to see Tammy, Grant & Javin. It was our first attempt at being awake in the car for longer than an hour and it pushed the limits but was fairly painless overall.

Then we headed over to Corvallis to see Grantie Lani. Highlights so far include Indian food, the holiday train in the window of the Birkenstock store, and a spontaneous ‘I love you, Grantie Lani’ in the middle of Blockbuster.

We also went to dinner with Ty last night and I met his wife, Heidi, and his two boys for the first time. Which could have been a nightmare, right? But it ended up being really enjoyable – mostly due to how cool Heidi turned out to be.

It also meant that we got to stay last night with Amanda & Leigh. Maddy was in bed when we got there so Gus was amped to see her in the morning – which of course meant she slept in until just moments before we walked out the door. Just another tiny example of the utter lack of control one has over schedules when monsters arrive on the scene.

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