Weekly schedule

Ok so our week these days goes something like this:

I take Gus in the morning as often as I can to give him quality time on developing the (as yet) secret app.

On Mondays I tend to take him swimming. Most if the time in the wading pool (splash!) with a short stint in the big pool where he hangs on to my neck and generally avoids going under. At night, Charles goes to EMT class.

Tuesday is Mosier Playdate at 10 Speed with a couple another 3 year old (Sebby) and 3 other littler girls (Baby Lila, Baby Frances, Hana

Thursday is storytime now at White Salmon since HR library won’t open again until next November.

Friday is garbage day.

And then we fill in various days with visits with Chris & Ruby, or a trip to Portland to visit Maddy & Elizabeth ( & Amanda & Tricia).

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