Our day

Wide awake at 6am so we slipped out of the house and found this little cafe COVERED with Halloween chackis. Gus now understands what a jack ‘o lantern is (“a pumpkin with a face”).

We then bounced off the walls with Maddie for awhile

And then visited the Tillamook Air Museum (it’s an old blimp bunker)

Followed by nap. Or, rather, 90 minutes of ‘resting’. Please please please don’t be a trend.

I got to go for a run just as the sea and sky were working themselves up for a storm -it felt wonderful to be outside in it.

We ate early 5pm and Gus was asking to go to bed by 6pm -actually asking! So maybe there are a few benefits to the dropped nap.

Now watching a movie (The Visitor) with Amanda & Leigh, our glasses of wine and our two monitors.

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