B*tches Night Out

Friday was Girls Night Out, in Portland, to see Roller Derby.

I went with my friend Sabrina the Teenage Bitch, her friend Bloody Mary, and her other friend Knocked Up (since she is pregnant). They decided on the drive down that I should be S & Em.

I expected the whole thing to be like a stray cats video – full of cool people looking tough and retro. And there was a bit of that -especially with the players. But there were also a lot of parents and the overall vibe was more about the sport than the attitude.

There were some amazing moves. One of the women was like a cat -smoothly gliding and slithering around and through the pack. Or a bird, she was like a cat bird. On skates.

Anyway, it was cool.

(his shirt says: “I’m a derby girl’s bitch”)

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