Our dinner routine: go get stuff from garden (full of weeds but semi-productive), whoever is cooking starts and the other helps Gus pick up his toys, then Gus gets to watch the computer (these days Horton but often Shawn the Sheep or They Might Be Giants videos online).

Lately Gus is really into setting table. Including the plates, glasses, and ALL the utensils.

He uses a fork most of the time, a bib about half of the time (hello, oatmeal, burritos) and washes his own hands as of a week ago.

Things he won’t eat: zucchini, eggs

But we can still get him to take a few more bites of broccoli with the promise of a slice of avocado or tomato. Or, as a special treat, almonds.

He’s so going to turn to junk food in his teens.

14 thoughts on “Dinner

  1. wow. you got those red things we tried to grow. that’s what they look like. at our house, elizabeth is very concerned with plates, chairs, and silverware – who gets what. and delighted to say who sits where. life is good. x! oh, and cheese is the magic ingredient over here.

  2. Wanna hear something a bit spooky? Mom had a red couch cover that we now have on Dad’s old brown couch here in the living room. The other day, out of the blue, Gus points to it and says, “That’s Grandma’s couch.” We’ve never introduced him to the word Grandma and no one had ever said anything about the cover to him.

  3. Gulp. But nobody who knew your mom would be at all surprised to learn she is still hanging around to make sure you and yours are safe and loved.

  4. I love the description of the dinner routine. We have our own but it’s much more frantic and much less of a family bonding thing. I think we’ll have to rethink it because I like yours better 🙂

  5. Do you end up with 8 forks, 8 spooks, etc. every night set on your table? I just reread and you said Gus puts out ALL the utensils. That’s pretty cute and really funny.

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