End of Summer

They say it’s supposed to get up to 80 degrees this weekend. The last hurrah. We would have started a fire last night, though, if the stove were all cleaned out. The tail end of the grapes got cracked by the rain last week so harvest is pretty much done and the last of tomatoes are still hanging green on the vine.

Charles has started his EMT course which will take two nights a week until March -plus some Saturdays. He’s really enjoying it and I’m constantly amazed by the amount of effort and heart the volunteer fire department put into this town.

I’ve been spending my extra time pulling together the Interesting event in two weeks. In general, though, I’m really trying to say no to side projects like this. I love them but I have too many of them going and not enough time. That said I might also do a talk abut Buckminster Fuller if I can squeeze it in. : )

Gus is  a pure delight these days. More and more talking – you can actually have a conversation with him on the phone. And I’m grabbing as many hugs as I can steal before they dry up in a few years. My lips are literally stuck to his big soft squishy cheek.

2 thoughts on “End of Summer

  1. Buckminster Fuller! which part ? pity it’s so far away

    I see Charles is showing his good check again 😛

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