Grantie Lani Semi Suprise Party

Aunt Lani wrote this email which really says it all:
“First, how about them Ducks! I’m really happy we were able to get together even though I am so backward I don’t have ESPN. Jake got it up on my computer though, so we could check in on the score.

Mixed in with the Ducks game, family folks alit in Corvallis on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to help the crone finish turning 64. We had a good time! After a good pizza and salad dinner, with fabulous fruit crisps made by Emily and dressed with ice cream, Jeff and Kathy and Jake headed back to Eugene, Lena, Lila and Lanie to Beaverton, and Lynette, Emily, Charles and Gus spent the night.

Thanks to everyone for the calls, the texts and the gifts and very nice art work by Lila and Elaine. So now I know that yes, you’ll still feed me when I’m 64.”

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