The short version: Parade, Music, Park, Water

Gus is obsessed with parades. Asks to go to them all the time. Has me draw pictures of them, etc.  So we’ve been to just about every parade in a 100 mile radius this summer. This weekend was the one in Stevenson. He still doesn’t really get the whole candy thing (we throw our portions to the kids on either side of us) but when a man in a fancy car threw out a stuffed bear, he immediately knew what that was all about.

Saturday night we went to a benefit concert where our friend Victor played with some other amazing musicians. We got to hang out with our friend Theresa (who is off to U of O this fall) and camp overnight along an idyllic stretch of Mill Creek in the RV. We fell asleep to the sounds of late night jamming under the stars. I heart our RV.

Sunday was a meandering through parks and in search of cool shade. We headed towards Hood, stopping in Parkdale for ice cream and then found a park off Hwy 35 with a stretch of creek that wasn’t too deep and just the right amount of cold on the toes.

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