Road trip

I had a meeting in Seattle on Friday so we all piled in the RV and headed out. We visited Greg (Cindy was in DC) and my old roommate Teresa and lots and lots of playgrounds.

Saturday morning found us all in a crowded pub watching the last US game of the world cup.

Teresa, Gus and I were at a side table with a big stack of books we checked out from the local library on Teresa’s card (she’s a smart cookie, that Teresa).

About 30 mins into the game (mere minutes after this picture) Gus fell asleep on the bench (a definite first) and didn’t even wake up when the US scored. So, yeah, we were those parents with a sleeping kid in the bar.

After the game we headed towards Mt Rainier and eventually found an RV park tucked next to lake.

Turns out though, the only spots that had electricity were the permanent ones where the people clearly come here every weekend each summer and had even built miniture decks and structures to trick out their parking space. It was like walking through a country music song.

(Yellow National Rifle Association flag reads: Don’t Tread on Me)

I both loved it and felt odd at the same time. Like they wouldn’t let us stay if they knew we had tofu in our fridge. To sprinkle on our salad for dinner. I even had to ask a neighbor if I could borrow a cork screw and she when she gave it to me told me she had never used it and hoped I knew how to work it. I felt very conscious walking back to my long-haired son who we’ve given my last name.

Today we woke at the crack of dawn (thanks Gus!) and drove all day through gorgeous forests. Crawling along at 25 mph as we climbed the hills.

Ate breakfast in a little logging town called Morton in a cafe filled with retired locals who were super nice. And they loved Gus. Thought she was as cute as could be.

4 thoughts on “Road trip

  1. Fun posts. Em. Made me laugh out loud. But it also scared me to see the pic of the perma-camp until I read it wasn’t yours.

    When will you point your trusty covered wagon our direction? We have a library here, too, you know.

  2. We should do an RV tour together sometime. You know we have ours in our driveway. My first RV park experience was last year at the beach. I liked it, but, I don’t know yet….you know what I mean?

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