My Blanket

The cool thing about splitting our time with Gus at half days is that we each develop little fun things we do with him. Little games we make up.

So I was just playing a game with Gus (having to do with narrating what he was doing) and Charles comes in and says, ‘have you played this one?’ then to walks over to Gus, grabs his blankie and says, ‘Dada’s Blanket!’

At which point Gus bursts into tears.

2 thoughts on “My Blanket

  1. I know! I’m all, ‘nice game, Charles.’ And he’s all, ‘last time he laughed!’
    And then he kept trying it to get Gus to see that it was a joke -which just made it worse. And I’m in the other room laughing (and writing about it) very quietly.

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