Fire Graduation

We all dressed up and went to Charles’ Fire Graduation tonight. The keynote speaker told us he considered firefighters to be the second most honorable thing you can do after (and I was thinking ‘loving your family?’ ‘surgery?’ ‘adopting a child?…) the armed forces. He also said that there is an integrity that is required because people trust firefighters- that mothers will hand their children over to them in times of emergency. About half way through his talk, I certainly almost did. The picture below of Gus as a blur wasn’t a bad photo, it was accurate. All dressed up in his fancy pants from the McDonalds that even happened to have little firetrucks on them(!) and the hype only lead to sitting quietly in boring chairs. Where were the cool fires?! No fires. Just 24 brand new grads in red who would have been just as happy as Gus to get a call out at any point.

8 thoughts on “Fire Graduation

  1. The Hensley household salutes you, FireFigher Charles.

    John is going to be sooooo envious when I tell him that Gus’s daddy is a fireman.

  2. Really cool, Charles! And great story Em. Is it my imagination or was Gus smiling in the blur?

  3. What’s cooler than a bunch of hot firefighters? Congrats to Charles for his one more step into the realm of manly men and womanly women!

  4. Firefigher is kind of interesting. 🙂 Congrats FF Charles! Was this your childhood dream job? Do you have to deal with forest fires?

  5. Lynette: I don’t think anyone would describe us as hot. Even if we were doused in gasoline and set alight we’d merely be luke warm.

    Tricia: Actually I don’t think I ever having wanted to be a firefighter per se – but perhaps my folks will correct me…

    The main reason that I joined our local fire department is that we’re in a fire prone area and there’s a lot of forest ready to burn. I also rather admired the volunteer firefighters in Australia (70,000 volunteers in New South Wales alone) for the work that they do. Having only lived in large cities until now, this is the first time I’ve been living close enough to a rural fire department to get involved.

    The fact that it’s also a structural and medical emergency department just means that I get to wear lots of different outfits 😉

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