Animals in cages

The rain took a break on Saturday so we made a bee-line for the zoo – three kids and four parents. Cousins all.

Lena was smart and we got there early, in time for good parking and low crowds. And she also had the brilliant idea of renting one of the cool wagons for the kids to hop in and out of.


It was pretty cool to see the kids all excited. Like most people, i have my reservations about zoos but it was just so great to have Gus see the different animals he’s been reading about and now knows the names of.




The big scare of the day was when Gus crawled through a kids’ tunnel and shot out the other side before we could see him. Several minutes of panic ensued as we split up and searched the crowds. Charles found him heading back to the African drums. He has no fear or need to look back to see where we are. Am seriously considering one of those gps implants in the back of his neck under his fur.

On a lighter note, the sun brought out the glare of white legs under moth ball scented shorts and little Lainy got frightened by this black thing on the ground that moved when she moved. Yep, she’ll be two in less than 2 months and it was the first time she’d seen her own shaddow. Gotta love Oregon.

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