So you know how we dug up the road last week? Well Dad took the opportunity to drag the blade of the loader over it all to even out the previous potholes. And then it rained. A lot.

It only took two cars driving down it this morning to create a rut-filled mud pit.

It didn’t stop me from driving out this early evening to go for a run along the twin tunnels (couch to 5k) but when I got back I thought i’d avoid the whole thing by going around the back via the orchard road which I THOUGHT was covered with grass. And it was. Except for the 90 degree drop of pure mud bank at the end. My brakes froze up as I slid down the hill, briefly thinking I was definitely going over the property line and into the patch of oak trees. Instead I recovered and slid gracefully over the mud and gently settled against the tire of the skidder.

When I told Charles, he was very grumpy (“you thought it was grass covered? Have you walked around the orchard lately?”) We didn’t get much sleep last night due to another Gus cold. Oh, and he took THREE hours to put him down for nap this afternoon.

So we clomped back out and drained the puddles in hopes that tomorrow will be dry enough to move it.

In the meantime, tonight we walked to the pub.

Update: Charles got it out this afternoon!  Waiting until it dried out a bit and then wiggled it out. After all that are just needing a new mirror and one headlight.

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  1. I’m sorry but the song “Slip Slidin’ Away” has just been running through my head since I saw this post, Em. Glad you got the car out.

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