The bitty-ness of my days lately are driving me crazy.

Today was filled with interruption. A trip to The Dalles to fix the RV (a plug on the water heater had been left off) then a stop at Memaloos Park to do some work in the RV while looking out at the Columbia only to move when a truck full of men pulled up, one of them with a beer can in his hand –with no other cars around for miles, that was all it took to move me along. So I stopped at Mosier’s cafe only to find Charles and Gus there already and when I finally settled down to work Arlene stops in and conversation ensues. 15 more minutes of work and Charles returns with a flat bike tire and needs a ride up to the orchard. When we get home, Gus needs to be slowly walked down the hill to the house and his nappies need to be changed at which point it’s 5pm and my official time is over. Charles was nice and gave me an extra hour while he shopped and then the regular dinner making routine kicked in.

On the other hand, I also had a lovely morning with Gus which included a shower together, moving all the bikes from the garage to the empty wood shelter for the summer, watching a video of a squirrel that Grantie Nette sent, writing a quick blog post of our Tammy visit in between reading stories, a tea break with orange slices and rice cakes, and a picnic lunch in the car sitting on a hill looking over Mosier.

Just writing that last part makes me feel so much calmer. To remember the good bits drowns out the complaining voices in my head. Almost.

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