New Bed

Gus out grew his cot so today we bought a new one (I heart Craig’s list) which is longer and low to the ground. We’ve made a big deal out of it. From showing him the picture before we bought it, to picking out the mattress and new sheets, to talking about how the new bed has new rules -specifically, no getting up once he’s down for the night.


He’s already broken that rule at least 10 times in the first 10 minutes. Opens the door with a huge grin while we practice our best we’re-serious-now faces.


5 thoughts on “New Bed

  1. How exciting Gus. A big boy bed!!!! Congratulations. And you probably sleep so well in your new bed that you don’t even want to get up once you’re all tucked in for the night.

  2. My granddaughter Adriane, now ten, is still coming out of her bed and her room no matter how serious the faces of her parents. Not to be too discouraging…..

  3. Night one we resorted back to his old bed after two hours of various methods. Nap the next day took an hour but in the new bed. And night two only took 45 minutes and lasted all night in the new bed. Mainly he’s still just giddy from all the new freedom.

  4. We are switching Ruby over when we move, and are wondering how it’s going to go with her. We’re still dealing with Olivia wanting to come in with us too. The best we’ve found (and this may be too early for Gus) is an incentive to stay in bed. It’s tough to find a balance between a good incentive and ending up paying your kids to be good (money, food, gifts). I think it all depends on what works for the individual kid. Sometimes extra TV time works, or an extra book – stuff that doesn’t cost money or doesn’t make you feel like you gave up more than you got out of the deal.

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