Water Blessing

There’s a movie out these days about a group of 13 Grandmothers who have joined together from indiginous tribes across the world to make some changes. Their main focus is water because of it’s importance to every culture and for the threat our global supply faces from pollution.

On Tuesday night one of the grandmothers, Agnes Pilgrim, came to Hood River to bless the Columbia.

It was supposed to rain but ended up being a gorgeous night. Gus and I met the other women from my zen group and he ate carrots and peanut butter on rice cakes while we listened to the alternating American Indian drumming and speeches. That was until Gus discovered the playground next door.

I would have loved to have soaked up more of the ceremony. There were over a hundred people there all quietly focused on the same thing. It felt strong and important. Not too idealistic or hippy (although i did love this bumpersticker i saw in the parking area). I don’t know if it’s being back in the US or just being part of a smaller area (the Gorge) but i’m really feeling like I can do some good here when I join up with others. It feels like things are happening here. Maybe it’s simply because people have the time to get stuff done because they’re not at the office 13 hours a day.

So Gus let me drag him back every now and then to hear a few more bits of the talk. That was until he discovered the beach. After that the water blessing was no match for the water.

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