Down 4 hours of sleep

Spent the night with Amanda last night and we got to slip out for a movie after the kids went to bed (thanks Leigh!) But it took Gus two extra hous to go to sleep then he woke up an hour early (hello 5:30a) and then only slept an hour at nap. By the time we hit the grocery store this afternoon, he was not a happy camper. I always forget about this side when I go to mix up the schedule. I’m not saying it’s always this bad or that it’s not worth it, but it’s good to remember that there are trade offs.

6 thoughts on “Down 4 hours of sleep

  1. I still have a life the size of five city blocks because I am afraid to mess with the sleep schedule. I don’t do anything that deprives him of sleep, or sleep at his normal times. I feeeearrr the wrath of the angry toddler. The big, strong, angry toddler.

  2. I could have taken a much better picture of him crying but although I had PLENTY of opportunities, I didn’t have the heart. This time. : )

  3. I’ve often suspected that when babies and young children are tired, their bodies actually hurt. I think this happens to grown ups too but we have learned to repress the pain or to just lay down. I worked my behind into the ground gardening on Saturday and Sunday, both 80 degree sunny days, that my body hurt too and I just wanted to collapse on the soft green grass. Anyway, just a thought about why children cry when they are tired.

  4. How did you do with time zone changes? I’m a little worried about leaving the country on Friday. We have a 6 hour flight to NYC with a 4 hour lay over, then another 7 hours to Pisa. We requested a bulkhead.
    We leave PDX at 6:30am – right when E is ready to run around for about 4 hours. Oh my.

  5. Good luck! We let him walk a lot on the plane which helped wear him out and then we just suffered the early mornings for a few days. Found 24 hour coffee shops. He actually adjusted quicker than we did after that. : )

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