Does this mean I can put him to work now?

We had a picnic today in the car after music class in The Dalles. We parked along the newishly developed waterfront. I always forget how beautiful the wind is on the river. Espcially when you’re nice and cozy inside from it.

And the mail just came with Gus’ social security card which means he’s officially registered with big brother. Dad called him over and handed him the envelope with his name so Gus is super proud of his card now.

6 thoughts on “Does this mean I can put him to work now?

  1. Seriously, doesn’t that last picture look like he’s trying to be in a Social Security poster?

  2. Yes, it does. Sell the rights to use it to SSA. That will put him to work!

    Because “they” often do bad things because “they” can.

  3. Andie, how hard was it to get it from over there? They threatened to have to wait several weeks with ours in order to verify the birth overseas. In the end they just gave it to us though.

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