5 thoughts on “Save Our Library Posters

  1. These posters amazing – great for creative ideas and the graphics are gorgeous. Go into business!

  2. Aunt Nette and I were talking this morning and think these should be posted to some national library web site. Why not look around. I don’t know about any potential copyright issues but these are so terrific maybe other beleaguered library patrons would appreciate your terrific creativity.

  3. Hi Em,

    What good marketing strategy! Clever while making a point. Glad that you made it into the paper and what a terrible thing to lose a library – not just books but a community focal point.

  4. Thanks Granties! I looked for similar posters when we were making these but couldn’t find many. So I made this a separate post and tagged it with tons of different phrases. People should be able to find them if they are looking like I was.

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