Save our Story Time

The funding for the Hood River library has been pulled and they are going to the public asking for a special funding district in May. It’s pretty scary timing due to the recession and if it doesn’t pass, no more library.

So my friend Sabrina and I have pulled together a Save Our Story Time March Stroll next week. We’ll walk the kids around the block to the cafe next door for hot chocolate.

We made signs today to send to the paper and took pictures in hopes that they’ll use them with the announcement.

We’re working on slogans for more signs too (“Got Library?” “Don’t Fire Thomas” “Homeless Pooh?” etc) so if anyone has any ideas, send them our way!

6 thoughts on “Save our Story Time

  1. The whole library will shut down, not just story time? Woe! I have never lived anywhere there wasn’t a library and the community always came through on these votes. Go Hood River People! ! ! ! !

  2. How much money do they need to get together? Anyplace to send donations.? If we don’t read, we don’t learn. I’m all for a healthy library system, no matter where it is.

  3. How about “Where the wild things AREN’T” or ” Follow the yellow brick road right out of town”. Go emily and gus!

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