What to do with his hair?

The hair is getting a bit ratty so we’re trying to figure out what to do with it.

Grow it out?
Screen shot 2010-04-16 at 11.39.42 AM

Cut it short?
Screen shot 2010-04-16 at 11.50.41 AM

Screen shot 2010-04-16 at 11.51.04 AM

Or just full-on JonBenét Ramsey?
Screen shot 2010-04-16 at 11.59.12 AM

Hey, what would they do if I enrolled Gus in a beauty pageant as a cross-dresser? Do you think there would be a hub bub? You know, in the name of advancement of gender rights?

So many questions.

8 thoughts on “What to do with his hair?

  1. I vote for the cross-dressing beauty pageant as a test case. You and he would be famous. Really, if you think about it, would they check? Actually Playboy was just at OSU looking for new “girls.” You could start a subversive trend. 🙂

    Emily – you are free to remove this if you don’t want Gus looking at it when he can read on his own.

  2. I like his shaggy little boy hair best. And what a concept, to enter a little boy in a Jon Benet event.

  3. I realize I’m a little behind here, but, you know, your final decision may have more to do with a pesky insect than values or esthetics. Last year battle was waged in Josephine’s hair. We recently observed a colonization attempt in Gabriel’s hair…


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