Sunny day in Portland

When we first moved to Mosier, Portland seemed so close. And it is. A mere hour from downtown to downtown. But the longer we’re here, the further away it gets.

Anyway, it’s time for a trip to the big city!

First stop was pancakes and tofu scramble at Mothers with Lisa and David. Yum.

Then we met Tricia and Elizabeth at the park for disjointed conversations and pizza in the grass.

Followed by a nap in the car parked in the shade of an old maple in Ladds Addition.

(One of the books Lisa passed down to Gus from the boys -he would have hugged the whole bag at once if he could)

Finally, we ended the day at another playground with Maddie and Amanda. Apples, bubbles and more snippits of catch up.

2 thoughts on “Sunny day in Portland

  1. It was great to see you today. So sorry to miss Tricia and Elizabeth. Maddie definitely has been jonesing for some Gus-time, even if you and I didn’t get much time to say more than a few words! And, yes, Portland does get further away the longer you’re out in the Gorge. I felt that keenly when we were out there. Come back anytime!

  2. Dad and Charles asked me how everyone was -what was new -and I had so little to report! I love this age, don’t get me wrong, but I do enjoy a decent catch up every once in awhile. x

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