First church service

Gus and I (Charles was working at the big volunteer firefighter salmon feed – otherwise I’m SURE he would have joined us) attended 1/4 of a service at the Hood River Unitarian church which is held in a local grange hall. It was lovely, the little we saw. Gus sat fairly still through the announcements and greetings and song and joys/concerns and another song and finally through the special kids’ storytime. Here we see him working his way towards joining them.

Afterwards the adults all paired up to make human arches that the kids all ran under and went downstairs to have their various Sunday school services.

Our group, the youngest ones, talked about the meaning of lighting a candle (something everyone can focus on together for a moment), ate granolla bars and then headed out to work on the kids’ garden.

I’m looking forward to going again but think it may be in a few more years. Need to teach him the name for candle before we get to the whole symbolism thing.

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