SF Weekend

Last weekend I went down to SF to celebrate my old erm, former roommate Robbie’s birthday.  Basically it broke down into three phases.

Phase one: Domestic Bliss

This is where I got to hang out with Robbie’s fabulous kids Katherine and Max.

Visit and catch up with her superstar hubby Phil.

And snuggle a bit with Calvin the wonder dog.

We played tag at the park, played Sorry, read books and I even learned a few new jokes (“What’s your name?” “Emily” “How do you spell it?” “E.M.I.L-” “Nope!  I.T. ha ha ha ha hahahah…”)

Phase Two: Girls hike with Robbie’s cool friends

It couldn’t have been a nicer day for it. Sun shining down on our path that wound idyllically through huge trees and along little creeks. At one point someone mentioned there was poison oak along the trail and several of them said they wouldn’t be able to spot it. Well, I told them, consider me your expert then. And I proceeded to point out several bushes along the way. We had great talks as we strolled – about religion and discipline and kids and schools… And there were several mud holes we had to traverse.

One of these was so big that there was simply no way to cross without getting muddy. We each tried several strategies: to hug the right, to balance on a log in the middle… I had the great idea of hugging the left and jumping over the worst bit with the aid of a few tree branches. I only got a ways into it when Jasmin discovered a path around the back through the trees so I joined her and we chuckled at the others as they made their way across. Now I want you to imagine a movie where me and my friends are hunting spiders in the woods. We carefully scan the ground as we walk and are super stealthy and cool. At one point we rest against a tree and take a swig of water. As we drink and laugh, perhaps watching the others cross a mud hole, we slowly realize that the tree we’re leaning against is actually a HUGE SPIDER LEG! That’s how I felt when I looked closer at the trees we had just wove our way through (and that I had just been swinging on) and realized that they were actually HUGE POISON OAK TREES! It didn’t end up too bad though -just a few patches on one of my arms.

Then all that drama was followed up by large amounts of ice cream at Fenton’s in Berkeley. I believe I had one scoop of peanut butter + one scoop of cookies & cream + caramel & fudge topping. No whipped cream though -I’m on a diet. 

And Phase Three: The roommates do North Beach

This was the best part of the whole weekend. We rented a room downtown and just walked around our old neighborhood. SO good to spend time with them again.

Was very hard to leave again on Sunday. And not just because we stayed up until, like, midnight.

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  1. I’ll be as OLD as I need to if I get to spend another great weekend with you! Thanks for the fabulous description! Can’t wait for my 50th if it’s this fun! And happy birthday to you!


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