Grantie Lani & Jake Visit

We had a great 2 days visit -going to the playground, driving to Parkdale and doing various walks around the area (the orchard, the river front, the twin tunnels…) And Jake took some fabulous photos along the way -they’re down right semi-professional:





DSC_0008 (2)

DSC_0014 (2)


DSC_0030 (2)



Jake also had a good idea for the blog -having people who hang out with Gus write a short hello about what that was like. So Grantie Lani and Jake have agreed to kick it off. Will post their notes soon.

9 thoughts on “Grantie Lani & Jake Visit

  1. Gorgeous! But please, explain how Gus seems to be tossed high into the air in that photos … still my heart palpitations, please.

  2. My nephew at age 3-4 was tossed up a lot. He thought he could fly and someone would always catch him. Then one day he was at the Seattle zoo with just his mom and grandma, no dad. And, well, he thought he could fly and someone would catch him, so he ran up to the top of what was a about a 9 foot tall bridge/play area, and jumped off as grandma watched in horror. He yelled and smiled whoopee as he jumped! He was OK. Luckily. But it was not very much fun.

  3. Oh, and yes, the pictures are AMAZING! and i like the idea of making comments after a day with gus. 🙂

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