Bend Birthday

Gus and I drove over to celebrate cousin Gianna’s 4th birthday this weekend. There were balloons and pink cake, bean bag jumping and horn blowing, packs of kids from 1 -10 and a Dora the Explorer piñata.

I didn’t really think about the whole piñata thing until Gus started murmuring concern that all the kids were asked to hold this big yellow bat and whack the little girl hanging from the tree by a rope.

And by the time Gus gasped as her leg fell off, I was too late to pre-warn him about the whole thing.

I took him aside though, as the others continued the beating behind us, and I explained as best I could that it was made of paper and that it was ok.

By the end he was calm and he joined the others gathering some of the toys that fell out her split seams onto the ground.

Here we see him later spending quality time with the stomach and severed head.

And here we see the birthday girl with cousin Lila, a leg full of candy held securely between them.

3 thoughts on “Bend Birthday

  1. You have me laughing out loud at 11:18 at night! Beautiful description, Emily. Thanks for the good times!!! By the way, Kaden took Dora’s head (full of goodies) home with him and we have one of her legs (still full of treats) in the garage for safe keeping. I think we will allow her a couple goodies a week. I’m estimating it will take a few years to empty out Dora’s leg. Love, love, love, Dawn

  2. Jeff and Steve and I were laughing and laughing at poor Gus’s discomfort with beating a little girl hanging from a rope. I guess that means he is a very gently and loving little man but we are sicko adults.

    Cool pic of the Dawn family around the table.

    Thanks Em.

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