Gig is up

Just got back from Gus’ 2 year check up. He still has a big head. Still average weight (30lbs). But this time as soon as the nurse came in he was extremely wary and clung to us -refusing to let she or the doctor do any of their usual measurements without red-faced crying. Fun stuff. And THEN he got another shot.

Suppose we’ll have to wait a decade or two to see if it comes up in therapy. And then I’ll turn to the counselor and say,”but we gave him duck stickers!”

We also took him to the cafe for a babychino just to be safe.

2 thoughts on “Gig is up

  1. “Never reward your child with food/drink.” or so I’ve heard. Whatever!!!! I took Grant to DQ for a blizzard treat for winning the semi-finals of Battle of the Books at his school.

    I’m glad Gus survived his checkup and I hope he enjoyed his babychino 100%!!!!

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