(So much for our low key birthday)

No party this year since we figure it will be the last time we can get away with it. That said, he’s been saying ‘Friday’ for several days now (a word we didn’t know he knew). And when we ask what happens Friday he says, ‘happy me.’ But what I gather it means to him so far is that he gets to have people sing him the song. Which he LOVES. So we had cupcakes at our playgroup today. And we sang to him a couple of times.

I can’t believe it’s been two years! Wow. I am so going to regret not keeping up on this blog better. So many changes over the past months. I suppose things are going by faster because we’re able to take on more stuff now than when he was a baby and so things are just busier overall. I remember having to literally stare at him most of the time. Now he plays on his own at the other end of the house and I perk up mostly when things have gone quiet for too long.

Yesterday, when he woke up, he looked over at me and said, “I see Mom.” One of his first sentences. He gets plural most of the time. Adds the s when he says, ‘two ducks.’ He loves the alphabet -the letters in the tub and the song. He knows all his letters now and can count to 10: “one, two, three, eight, nine, ten!” (apparently 4 -7 are completely overrated).

We bought him a toilet inset and he’s used it a hand full of times but I think it’s just a novelty for now. We’ve always loved nappy changing times (except for the times when he kicks or pulls at the dirty diaper) so it will be kinda sad to not have those times in the day when we scoop him up and sing songs. Who da thunk I’d miss wiping his butt?

I suppose too, that I think more now about what’s ok to write about him on the blog. Most of the things so far are not really tease-worthy stuff. What are the kids going to say if they read this in several years: ‘you peed on your dad when you were a baby!’ Nah. But I find myself censoring a bit more now that the cool things he does may be closer to personality traits than generic baby stuff.

What are you going to be like Gus? You already have a great laid back way about you. A sense of humour (latest joke: “Dada coffee -yes” “Papa coffee -yes”, “Mama coffee -yes”, “Gus coffee -No!” giggle fit). You also have a sense of focus. And a kindness. So far you don’t throw a lot of fits or worry about what’s ‘mine’. But that will probably change soon. A natural development.

You like dogs and music and dancing and playing the uke and eating nuts (although we suspect they give you a stomach ache) and collecting rocks & sticks and bouncing on the bed and reading to us and running across the room and vacuuming and washing dishes and sweeping (please God, not just a phase!) and fire engines and shoes and swimming.

What else?

Motherhood feels normal now. There’s still tons to learn and improvements to make to myself. The more I do now, the less he has to process himself and the further he can go. The more good he can do. So I need to get in shape. Need to get a solid meditation practice back.

I can’t believe it’s been two years. Feels like forever in some ways. And also feels like this is the first time I’ve been able to really stop and take a step back. He sleeps through the night. He understands when we tell him we’re just popping out for a hour or two. He’s weaned now… It feels strange to think that I really don’t need to be there for any part of the day in particular.

Wow -two years. Happy birthday, Sweetpea.

10 thoughts on “Two!

  1. We made it! *sigh* Well I’ve still got a few more days to go, but I think I can claim the glory…

    I wish we could see more of Gus but it’s still special to share in his upbringing through the blog. I wonder what he’ll think when he gets older and realises there are people all over the world who know him, and follow his almost-daily progress in life. He’s a minor celebrity. 🙂

    Anyway, I hope our birthday card got there in time. I’ll report back after next Friday when his Little Lordship hits the big 2. By luck, his daycare centre are having a carnival with a jumping castle on the same day, so it will be quite the event.

  2. As Maddie says, “Oh Happy Day” Gus. What a lovely way to spend it! I wish we could have been there 🙂 but Maddie is always with Gus in spirit.

  3. So glad you added his picture with the sign! That was a fun reminder to all driving by the coffee shop.
    Well said about motherhood…..don’t miss a moment!

  4. Let’s see. I recall Gus being very affectionate. He gives hugs and kisses to all. He’s very good at sharing toys. I also recall Gus though he may really like shoes – as for socks, not so much. A very good dancer. I hope you get his moves on film. Happy Birthday Gus!

    And Em, I can relate to feeling like you’ve been a mother forever – I have that feeling with E. I can’t really imagine life without her now.


  5. Happy Birthday Gus, nice work making to official toddlerdom. Hope the jigsaw thing worked out and wasn’t too easy peasy for you. If it is too easy, try doing it with one hand, only using your little finger, in the dark, underwater … ok, maybe not underwater.

    All the best and watch out for anything with blue icing,

    Tim, Lee-Fay and Mei

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