Three weeks

Charles is in Australia again for 3 weeks -for his Dad’s 80th (Happy Birthday Dick!) which just happens to coincide with Sydney summer. Poor guy.

We talk to them each day on Skype though and Charles even reads Gus a bedtime story.

I’m trying to fit everything into fewer hours each day and so far feel like I can do it if I just make it through the week. Mostly missing the downtime to work out or watch a TV show. I did get to go to Zen tonight, though, thanks to Dad. I came back all calm until he told me about the Health Care bill that is in danger of passing which basically mandates that everyone have insurance but doesn’t give a public option -thereby guaranteeing all sorts of new business for the insurance companies with no incentive to lower costs. Apparently their stock has all gone up in response. Nice.

4 thoughts on “Three weeks

  1. Well, notwithstanding the healthcare legislation, I am glad to hear you guys are okay. I was beginning to wonder if I’d missed the news you’d all gone to South America or something…

    I hope Charles is enjoying the weather here. It has been rather lovely.

    And yes, single parenting seems to be mutually exclusive with “you time”… Yay for grandparents!

  2. Apart from the bed time stories, I also try to show Gus the kangaroos out the window.

    He just wants to talk about his cousins though.

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